Scripture: The Living Word

31 Mar

In my last entry I said I would discuss how Scripture had enriched my life. However, it is more important to focus on how to pray and reflect on Scriptures. So let me share just one instance in which God’s Word was a tremendous blessing in my life. After this, I will offer one way to read and reflect on Scripture – a way that enriches people in private prayer and in prayer and study groups. 

My Story 

I was addicted to alcohol for 22 years. I nearly destroyed my family relationships. I had prayed and prayed that I could limit myself to one or two drinks so I could drink “socially.” I constantly felt the urge: “Go to AA”. I remember saying, “No, Lord, I’m not one of those. Just fix me so I can drink socially.” 

About a year after my friend prayed with me, I finally surrendered to God’s grace and attended an AA meeting. I went home feeling a bit mixed up. But I woke up in the middle of the night and realized I was cured of this terrible affliction. The next morning, after my regular prayer time, I randomly opened my Bible to the psalms. The Bible  opened to this passage.

Read on: 

I waited and waited for Yahweh,

at last he has stooped to me

and hear my cry for help.

he has pulled me out of the horrible pit. (Ps 40:1-2)

This was a clear confirmation that I was indeed healed. I still do not drink. I do not want to drink. I love sobriety and I thank God and my dear Peg for not giving up on me. (I also thank God for nonalcoholic beer!)

God wants to speak with you, too. 

Here’s a suggestion. Open your Bible to one of the Gospels, e.g., John 2:1-10, the story of the Cana wedding when, due to his Mother’s intercession, Jesus changed water into choice wine. Read it over once as you would a news story. Then think about it. What comes to mind – a word, phrase, question? 

Now read it over again: Imagine that you are present. Maybe you are the parents who didn’t have enough wine. Maybe you have  come along with Jesus and Mary. Think about what’s happening. Again, what comes to mind? What insight are you getting? Do you see that this miracle was performed out of love? Think about how God has touched your life. How will you respond to this Gospel today? 

Many years ago in one of my reflections on this passage, one phrase was burned into my consciousness – the last words of Mary in the New Testament: “Do whatever he tells you.” 

What is your insight from this Scripture? Please respond and let me know.


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