Spiritual Growth, an Art

2 Apr

It is an art, this challenge of spiritual growth. You want to be beautiful inside. You want your life to be attractive to others. You want to appeal to the people around you in a positive and peaceful way.

An artist must consider first of all, what is to be painted and why it should be painted. Then comes consideration of various colors and hues of color, shadows and light, depth of vision, what might hinder the process as well as weaken the finished work.

As a Christian who wants to grow spiritually, you have many things to consider.

  • Why you want to grow spiritually is the key question. Do you really want to grow in Christ? Do you really want to surrender to God so you can be victorious with and in Christ? Do you want to embrace his mission on earth?
  • Then you must consider the options offered for spiritual growth: Bible study, theology courses, retreats, Cursillo, Charismatic Renewal, parish groups and organizations. Which of these really bring you closer to God and your fellow believers? Are any of these more obviously connected to Christ’s mission of salvation than are the others?
  • Am I more interested in dialogue, debate or shared faith and vision? In which of these will I develop a deep insight into myself and God – and into the mystery and grace of Church?
  • What will confuse me and get me off course? How do I keep my vision clear and my heart and mind in the heart and mind of God? How can I grow in the gift of prayer?

If you are not interested in these questions, you may not be interested in spiritual growth.

Butterflies are beautiful; many works of art are beautiful — but in God’s eyes, you are infinitely more beautiful. Look ahead, plan your spiritual journey in the Lord.  Pray for guidance’. Seek fellowship with true Christian believers.



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