We Need a Great Revival

14 May

You have to find God — in his essence, his simplicity and in his embracing and permeating presence in all of creation — and then discover he cannot be contained, totally understood or described or harnessed to fit your own ideas of who he is or should be.

One good thing has emerged in the aftermath of the government’s attack on religious liberty – Catholics and other people of faith are waking up and rising up.

This “waking up and rising up” will be less effective if people of faith use their energy and enthusiasm solely in the political arena and the voting booth.

What this country needs is one, gigantic, deeply rooted revival of faith, a revival that will propel God and his wisdom back into the very heart of America – in the family, workplace, on the golf course, in the theater and in the Congress, in the White House and the courts of this land.

Jesus tells us: “If you obey my commands, you will remain in my love (Jn 15:10)”

“Remain IN my love.” That means more than a casual nod to God. It even means more than obeying the Commandments and the teachings of our Church. To obey our Lord and to remain IN his love is to get to the heart of God, to know God, to be fascinated by a Being who has no beginning and no end. To remain IN God is to let his divinity permeate and transform you.

To achieve that end is rather difficult because even people of faith trivialize God. He’s sidelined and often diminished in people’s minds. Just think of the number of times you hear:

Oh my Gawd!” as someone squeals over this or that triviality.

“Oh, my God” can be a form of praise, worship, petition or thanksgiving. Recall the prayers of the Church:

The Act of Faith: “Oh, my God, I firmly believe that you are one God in Three Divine Persons, Father, Son Holy Spirit …”

The Act of Hope: “Oh, my God, relying on your almighty power and promises … “

The Act of Contrition: “Oh, my God, I am truly sorry for having offended you …”

The Act of Love: “Oh, my God, I love you above all things with all my heart and all my soul … “

To become IN God you must seek to know him as he really is. Your idea of God is not God. God is at once immense and utterly simple, pure Spirit. He fills the pages of the Bible, but he can’t be shut in there; he is truly present in the consecrated host in the tabernacle, but he cannot be imprisoned there. God is truly present in vast universe he has created, but his Being is not confined there.

How then can you know God? How know him well enough to be IN him?

Listen to how God describes and names himself: “I AM” (Ex 3:13-14)

That’s it. He IS! Unfathomable, yet intimately present, HE IS!

That’s the foundation for a national revival of faith. God IS!

Embrace him as HE IS. From this great truth, God will continue to reveal himself to you, in private prayer, in the Scriptures and in the teachings and preaching of the Church. You and I, all of us, will be spiritual leaven rising up in God’s glory. God- in-us will put goodness, trust and faith back into our way of life.

That’s it!

God IS!


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