We can’t both be right

17 May

The full Gospel demands faith in Christ. It demands discovering and preaching Truth.

“God is a God of the heart. Religions divide. Religions don’t count. You have to be Christian.”

This is the opinion of some Christians.

The opinion can’t defend itself. Christians who hold this opinion are saying: “It doesn’t matter what you believe as long as you believe on Jesus Christ.

 That opinion really  means, “What’s true for me is good for me. What’s true for you is good for you.”

That’s pluralism – everything goes; truth contradicts itself but that’s all right. Truth is what you make it. Just love Jesus.”

If you love Jesus, you want to believe in his full Gospel. You want to be one in faith, and one in truth. You want to believe that truth will set you free, that truth cannot contradict itself.

If you say my shirt is white and I insist that it is black, we can’t both be right.

If I say that in the Mass, bread and wine are transformed into the Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ – and you say it is not so transformed, that it is only a symbolic devotion, we can’t both be right.

If you say it doesn’t matter what church you attend, and I say that it does matter, that Tradition and Scripture go hand-in-hand, we can’t both be right.

If you say faith resides in the heart, and I say faith is a gift to the intellect, that the heart is just a muscle, that love is a decision and you say love’s an emotion, we can’t both be right.

Pluralism denies the existence of objective truth. Oh, we can agree to disagree – but that flies in the face of Christ who said, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.”

There is no duplicity in Christ. Truth is truth.


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