‘Catholic and Confident …’

14 Jun

Maybe we should become more open to life and one another. After all, life is beautiful and good — for many people. But for others, life can be a difficult and painful experience. What can you do about that neighbor whose son was killed in Iraq or that co-worker who has cancer? You can share your faith. “Catholic and Confident,” Deacon Henry Libersat’s new book, can help you. Read  here what reviewers are saying:

Greg and Jennifer Willits, “The Catholics Next Door,” Sirius XM 129:

“Catholic and Confident” is designed to help Catholics embrace their call to spread the message of salvation to everyone in their lives. Providing references from various popes and the Second Vatican Council, this book shows the need for laypeople to evangelize and affirms their unique place in the world to do so. Real-life examples of Catholics who are living their call combined with practical suggestions make this a valuable resource. Readers will find a new vitality of faith, a greater understanding of God’s presence in their lives, and the peace that comes from living and sharing confidently as God calls them to do.

Father David Knight ( www.hisway.com and www.immersedinchrist.com . ) “In his book, Henry Libersat gives doctrine, he quotes the popes and Vatican II. But he does more: he goes deep into the mystery of our faith and of Christian living. He doesn’t scare us off: he slips in mystery so gently it is almost unnoticed. Unnoticed but not ignored. In fact, nothing in this book can be ignored. It is too practical, too down-to-earth to ignore. This is a book that should be, not on every shelf, but in every heart. Read it!”

Father Michael Scanlan, president emeritus of Franciscan University of Steubenville: “It’s one of the best books I’ve read on the New Evangelization.”

Lee Callaghan, foundress of Spirit of God Community and author of “The Gospel According to Mom”: “I have known Henry Libersat for forty years. He has been consistent in his desire and ability to attract people into a closer relationship with God. He makes our faith exciting and desirable. This book, “Catholic and Confident” is darned good – no, it is excellent! He deserves to be read.”

Bert Ghezzi: “For those who have never evangelized, Henry explains how to get started. And he tells numerous stories of ordinary Catholics just like us who successfully share the Good News in their everyday lives.”

Father Michael Eivers founder of the Parish Cells of Evangelization: “This book is important to the RCIA process of catechesis and useful in helping Catholics embrace their responsibility to share the Good News of salvation.”

So get your copy. Draw up a chair. Let’s have a cup of coffee and take a fresh look at who we are Catholics, as Christians.


Miracles Do Happen,” Servant Books, Cincinnati (1987). Sister Briege McKenna, OSC , with Henry Libersat, co-author — the story of her vocation and ministry. Now in more than 50 languages, still moving.

“Way, Truth and Life, Living with Jesus as Personal Savior,” St. Paul Books and Media, Boston. The author’s story of growth from insecurity and alcoholism to healing and excitement over the gift of faith and salvation. (1989)

“Do Whatever He Tells You,” sequel to “Way Truth and Life,” St. Paul Books and Media, Boston (1990). This book springs from the last statement in “Way, Truth and Life.” It shares wisdom on the Christian life, centering on growing in holiness, repentance and discipleship. The reader is advised: “Mary’s remark to the servants at the wedding feasts in Cana gives us all we need to be holy: ‘Do whatever he tells you.'”


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