‘I love you for that!’

2 Aug

                                        “Oh, how cute. I just love him!”

On 660 AM radio a couple of days ago, I heard only part of a woman’s statement, but that part sparked a memory.
She, apparently talking about her special man, said, “I love him for what he wants to become and I love him for what he is becoming.”

 The memory was that of a child talking to her father, “I love you for that.” He had given her a gift. The question is, “What if he hadn’t given her what she wanted?” And, about the lady on the radio, “What if that guy were not becoming what he wanted to be – or more specifically, what she hoped he would be?”

 I’m afraid this is symbolic of what “love” has become for some people. It’s more gratitude for “what you do for me.” That, of course, is not love?

 Love is more decision than emotion. It is the decision to do what’s best for the beloved.

 I’m reminded of people I know: the man who takes care of his wife who, because of Alzheimer’s disease, no longer knows who he is; the woman who cares for her husband who is stricken with palsy; the mother who continues to love when her children have rejected her; the child who overlooks his father’s drunkenness and continues to hug him and love him; the woman who clings faithfully to her marriage praying and hoping her husband will overcome addictions.

 I’m reminded, too, of that Great Love who hung on the cross for us, sinners all. He, the Lord God, took our flesh to show us how much we are loveable and loved.

That’s love.


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