Can I Really Love God?

11 Aug

I know God loves me.

I am told I should love God.

I try to love God,
    but I think I am an imposter.

If I truly love you, Lord,
    why do I continue to fail you,
    to fall into the same traps and sins
    over and over again?

Why do I fail my family and friends?
    Why do I fail myself – making promises
    I never seem to keep?

And yet I do love you –as inadequate and weak
    as my love might be, I do love you.

Your love, Lord, is like an ocean.
    My love is only a small raindrop.

And yet, Lord, you embrace my love
    as the ocean envelopes the raindrop.
    You receive my love, you receive me
    and make me one with you.

Henry Libersat, 8-11-12


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