Life is precious

17 Aug

New life — soft, helpless, totally dependent. A reminder of how fragile life is, also how precious and enduring. The gift of life: pass it on, nurture it, bless it; hold it in reverence.

In all honesty, it seems to me, that radical feminists belittle women who want to make their families a priority, who do not think of themselves as baby factories simply because they want more than two or three children. (I remember telling one young woman who didn’t want more than one child, herself the fourth in her family, “I bet you’re glad your mom didn’t feel that way.”)

This radical stance against new life, along with those “enlightened freethinkers” who support gay marriages, is rooted in a falsehood so deep and twisted that, perhaps falling short of diabolical, it is at least perverted. But then, it would seem by their standards that people of faith are not enlightened; they are not free thinkers.

People of faith are indeed free – and they are thinkers who weigh all factors in making a decision about how they will live as whole human beings. They give attention to how they fit into God’s creation – how they are part and parcel of God’s plan for the world.

How can anyone respect a “liberation” that negates the very dignity of the human person, that equates truth with anyone’s personal preference and calls a human in the womb mere matter? And it is mystifying that any woman (or man) who claims to be Catholic can publicly or even privately support abortion.

Years ago, I wrote an editorial for The Florida Catholic weekly newspaper in which I stole a line from a dear friend: “If you are so much in favor of abortion, why not make it retroactive?” Even the liberal daily picked that one up.

I think these “liberated” women are actually victims of ignorance or have consciously rejected God-revealed truth. If victims, they are victims of manipulation by forces in society that, again through malice or error, want to make humans their own creator and subject to nothing that causes any strain to the brain – or discomfort to the big, all important “ME.”

God is Creator and Father. He created you to be free – gave you free will and intelligence. God leaves you free to enter into the highest freedom – into a communion of love with him and all others, and the strength and power to do so. The real issue is human life – the dignity and sacredness of human life and true happiness and the utmost experience of freedom.


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