Old Friends

25 Jan

But the present, built on the past, means good for all.

True friends are like a rock, a solid place on which to stand — and a refreshing breeze in the heat of the day.

Discard not an old friend,

for the new one cannot equal him.

A new friend is like new wine

            which you drink with pleasure

            only when it has aged.  (Sir 9:10)

 Their names are like a litany – Raywood, Linwood, Sigur, Fortier, Bert, Jim, Ed, David – and the litany could go on and on.

Friends all. Old friends. Tried and true friends – the kind who love you enough to tell you the truth, to challenge you when you are off base, to embrace you when you suffer, to laugh and celebrate with you the wonderful, happy things in life.

Love makes life make sense – the love of husband and wife, the love of parent and child, the love of friends.

Love “makes” God real.

“God is love and he who lives abides in God and God in him” (1 Jn 4:16b).

I want to be that kind of friend. I hope I am.

Jesus is.




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