Our Church, Our Nation

7 Jul



It isn’t your imagination. Your freedom to follow your conscience and to speak openly about your faith values are being threatened. Only courage and commitment will overcome the evil that is taking hold of our society.

“Our journey is not complete until our gay brothers and sisters are treated like anyone else under the law” – so said Mr. Obama during his 2013 inaugural address.

So reported the editors of National Catholic Register in an editorial, “Catholic and American,” posted last week on July 4.

For Obama, this was a convenient change of mind from former lame claims that he was in favor of the traditional view of marriage – one man and one woman.

And now the Justices on the Supreme Court have struck down as unconstitutional that provision in the Defense of Marriage Act.

Maybe it’s time to start over – all the way back to the American Revolution which was fought for religious freedom, freedom of conscience and the right to govern ourselves.

Maybe form a new Department of Justice and a new Supreme Court.

Or maybe, just get back to our democratic values and elect new folks to serve us and our country.

            The voice of Faith is ignored and ridiculed in our country today. It seems that only the atheists, agnostics and other minorities have the right to speak and be heard, the right to form public opinion.

The Register editors ask, “So are U.S. Catholics who cling to Church teaching on marriage un-American?” Or, for that matter, are we un-American because we believe that God’s plan for humanity is the foundation of our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

Our government has gone wild. Our government is leaning toward atheism and socialism – and the two go hand-in-hand.

The Register’s editors quote George Weigel, an American author and political activist. Weigel speaks of strengthening our democratic legacy here in America:

This vital work “will be advanced by an emerging generation of Catholic leaders capable of reframing the public debate on the role and limits of the state and the duties and rights of citizens. More importantly, they will be leaders who know that effective evangelization requires nothing less than ‘radical discipleship.’ The Church must offer a compelling alternative to ‘the loneliness of so much of the post modern world.’”

 Philadelphia’s Archbishop Charles Chaput, in a Register interview, called on Catholic laity to step into their rightful place of leadership in our nation:

The secular world is the place where laypeople exercise their leadership most naturally. It’s the environment of their everyday lives and their primary mission field. Bishops can counsel and teach, but their role in practical political affairs like the fight for religious liberty can only be indirect and secondary.

 If lay people don’t love their Catholic faith to struggle for in the public square, nothing the bishops do will finally matter.           

A pity, is it not, that living the faith unashamedly is what some would call “radical discipleship.”

            Shame on us.          

How about re-catechizing all Catholics in our nation?

Well, given the secularization of far too many Catholics, that might be like putting the proverbial cart before the horse.

Maybe we’d better start with energizing the preachers and teachers in the Church – urging them to surrender to what Pope Paul VI called “the hidden power of the Gospel.”


One Response to “Our Church, Our Nation”

  1. Robert Bumbolow July 7, 2013 at 7:16 pm #

    Again you have hit the nail on the head. you give us discipleship and words to grow on.

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