Beyond the Year of Faith

7 Oct


Do you not know that a little yeast leavens all the dough (1 Cor 5:9b)?

The aroma of baking bread filled the little farm house and scented the entire yard. Mama was baking bread.

I remember how she worked so hard making bread “from scratch.” I was always curious about that little piece of yeast that had to be worked throughout all the dough in her mixing bowl. I remember how she formed the buns, placed them in a tray and covered them with a dish towel “to keep the flies away.” I remember how she insisted that we be quiet, not to disturb the work of the yeast which was making the buns rise.

Perhaps we have been too distracted, even overwhelmed, by the “big picture,” the numbers of Catholics leaving our Church, the anger and division in our government and nation, the growing number of people who see “work” only in terms of money and self-preservation, and those people who don’t think it is necessary to work at all.

Being so distracted and overwhelmed, it is too easy to become frustrated, even hopeless: “Oh, what can I do?”

We look for the quick solution, the magic “potion” that will set all things right. We pray to God, “God do something! Kiss our boo-boos and make them go away.”

God is aware of our anxiety, our need for healing.

Maybe God is answering:

“Be still. I am God. Hear me.

 “I love you. I have given you life. I have sent my own Son into the world for your salvation. I have given you my Church, my sacraments, my Word—and I have called you to tell everyone that I am God, that I am the answer to all their suffering, confusion and pain.

“You are not alone, not just one little piece of leaven. Look to fellow believers—together, your goodness and united voice will begin to heal the world of its lack of faith, its penchant for evil and its fruitless search for peace through violence.”

Can you image what would happen if all of us “little pieces of yeast” got together to influence the world, that great hunk of unleavened dough?

The Year of Faith draws to a close. But the work of faith can never end. For all of us, the Year of Faith is a launching pad into a new era of zeal for the Gospel of Christ and a deepened thirst for the salvation of all people. We should already have embraced the New Evangelization.

We talk a lot about evangelization and urge all Catholics to live and share the Good News—but we spend too little time helping Catholics learn how to grow in faith and how to share their Catholic faith.

Sharing faith is really simple—and there are simple steps that help us become confident in sharing our love of God and Church.

That’s why I wrote the book, “Catholic and Confident, Simple Steps to Share Your Faith.” That’s why I promote the New Evangelization in every way possible.


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  1. October 8, 2013 at 10:21 am #

    Thanks for the encouragement! Bert

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