Nuts and Bolts, A Review

10 Oct


Father David Knight has done it again—and he keeps on doing it again and again.

In this case, I am speaking of his quite timely and highly readable “Nuts and Bolts of Daily Spirituality” with the subtitle, “Practical Steps to Draw Closer to God.”

This book is timely because it responds to the crisis of faith in our Church—a crisis of spiritual distraction and confusion, a crisis in which people have become unaware of how present God is in daily life and of how much God yearns to be a part of their lives.

It is highly readable because Father Knight is down to earth. He knows what it means to be human. He speaks and writes from a poverty of spirit which lays him open to the hearts of his readers.

In a most hospitable way, Dave Knight calls readers to take time-out from the busyness of life, to assess who they are as persons created by and dependent on God, and to experience the gentle love God has for each of us.

He has five “nuts and bolts” that strengthen one’s growth in the love of God:

  • Ask the Lord to live with, in and through you;
  • Get a Bible and pray through it;
  • Never again ask whether something is right or wrong, but ask how it will bear witness to the mission of Jesus Christ;
  • Let Jesus express himself through you, and,
  • Notice everything around you that needs to be changed.

Each “nut and bolt” is clearly explained and is pregnant with the invitation to become one with God.

Here are just three gems from the book:

“The reason we sometimes don’t ‘get anything’ out of prayer is because we don’t understand the level of communication God wants to have with us. Or we are afraid to enter into it (pg 13).”

“In baptism, we not only became Christ, but Christ became us by taking us into his real body. With us—and in us and through us—Jesus is living his own life in partnership with us who are sharing it with him” (pg 25).

He speaks of each Mass as “a turning point, a time of decision that takes us up or down, makes us better or worse, drives us forward into the church’s life or leaves us farther behind. So every Eucharist is, or should be, a moment of crisis” (pg 79).

“Nuts and Bolts of Daily Spirituality” should become a part of adult catechesis in every Catholic parish. It is that timely, insightful and inspiring.


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