Three Friends at Starbucks

21 Oct

Heavenly Sun Beams

Life is such a special gift–and it is made very special by faith, love and friendship.

Jack, Bob and Homer, were sitting at one of those small tables in Starbucks. 

They were from very different backgrounds: Jack, from corporate involvement; Bob, from education and publishing; Homer, from various pursuits. But at this moment, their various past experiences were unimportant. They were friends, fellow believers.

If you were a person of little or no faith, you might have thought these three elderly men a bit weird.

 If you were young and overheard their conversation, you might have become uncomfortable.

 Several years before, Jack had received an organ transplant. Now the transplant was dying—and so was Jack. They were talking quietly and with the ease of deep friendship, alternately smiling, laughing and becoming serious again. They spoke of the gift of life, of everlasting life, and of Jack’s final arrangements.

 Their friendship was rooted in their Lord and Savior—and while death meant termination of physical presence, it could never destroy their love and friendship.

 Love never dies.

 God is love and he who loves abides in God and God in him (See 1 Jn 4:16).



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