Daily Prayer: Why and How

22 Nov


A Review

Ghezzi, Bert, “The Power of Daily Prayer, The Way to Experience God’s Love,” The Word Among Us Press, paperback, 159 pages, at Amazon.com, $8.60

Bert Ghezzi learned the hard way not to make prayer secondary to his daily schedule. Many years ago while he was overwhelmed with work and duties, he decided to pray while driving to work. That cost him a nice seventy-five dollar fine for driving seventy-five in a twenty-five mile zone.

In the interest of “full disclosure,” Bert Ghezzi and I are close friends—and that friendship is built in part on honesty with one another— sometimes, uncomfortably so. Regarding this book on daily prayer, I can only say that it is a good and valuable read.

In this work, Ghezzi demonstrates that the desire and ability to pray stem from the fact that God shares his divine nature with us (2 Pt 1:3-4). And he maps out for his readers a logical and, I dare say, a Spirit-filled process of growth in love of God and the ability to pray well and fruitfully.

The author is a realist: He understands how difficult it is at times to maintain one’s commitment to prayer. He admits that for many months he lost the desire to pray as he wanted to be able to pray.

His book moves forward invitingly in the following themes: coming into God’s presence, immersion in the Holy Spirit, reflecting on Scripture, listening to God, and interceding for others.

Ghezzi’s book is filled encouragement. In its final pages, he states that the “essential spiritual disciplines” of disciples include “prayer, Scripture study, fasting, evangelization and care for the poor.”

And he adds: “Daily prayer plays a special role among these disciplines. It opens us to the Holy Spirit who instigates the other activities and directs us in doing God’s work.”


3 Responses to “Daily Prayer: Why and How”

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  2. bertghezzi@cfl.rr.com November 23, 2013 at 11:55 am #

    Thanks, Henry for a great review!


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