The Mystery of Me

27 Nov


Into darkness, light will come!

I remember how difficult it was to come to grips with my personal identity. The real struggle occurred during the years of adolescence and late teens. For some reason, I thought little of myself. I was a klutz in sports, the smallest boy in high school and a bookworm. It was hard for me to gain a social footing among my classmates.

This struggle lasted for decades. It was in 1976 that, through the prayer of a dear friend, I experienced for the first time God’s unconditional love for me. His presence filled me until I thought I would burst. I never before knew such joy.*

I began to understand things I had always said that I believed: God made me; he wanted me to live; he created me because he loves me; I am special to God. From this personal “conversion to reality,” everything else began to make sense: The Church was real and relevant – the Body of Christ on earth, continuing his mission of salvation; the Sacraments were alive and life-giving—not just some traditional ritual that “good Catholics” embraced; I realized that God’s Word is alive right now and he speaks to me, to us, all the time.

It was a new lease on life—no, a renewed life. The darkness that had kept edging into my mind was gone. Now there was light.

To be sure, there were struggles ahead—against temptation and discouragement. There were also the need to admit my sins, to repent, and to rush to God for mercy and forgiveness.

But, there was always that light—the light of God’s unconditional love, his immense, immeasurable patience and the gift of salvation through his Son, Jesus Christ.

I invite you, no, I urge you to surrender to God, to let him lead you into the freedom of his love and mercy.

Everyone who has done so finds true happiness, freedom, strength and joy.

*See Sister Briege Mc Kenna’s “Miraacles Do Happen,” Epilogue. Also, Henry Libersat, “Caught in the Middle,” pp 7-15, and “Way, Truth and Life,” pp 88-90.)

2 Responses to “The Mystery of Me”

  1. JAMES M ISADORE November 27, 2013 at 2:30 pm #

    You saved the best for last, Deacon Henry. You’re a totally decent friend of the Lord’s and you keep improving with age. I have learned from you…many thanks for that.


  2. November 27, 2013 at 4:46 pm #

    Very good


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