Help Me Understand …

5 Feb


No, that isn’t I. I’m not that young or good looking!

Of course, once I was young and enjoyed being scared to death by Frankenstein and other horror flicks. But that was then—and the mayhem was not nearly as graphic as we see today, for example, on “The Living Dead.”

I can’t understand the popularity of these movies.

Would you help me to understand?

What’s the attraction?

From my position of faith, I question: Is it an effort to overcome the fear death by laughing at or cheering death; Or is it a deeply seated desire to live forever while at the same time turning a deaf ear to God’s promise of everlasting life.

What is it all about?

Share with me and I’ll share with others.


One Response to “Help Me Understand …”

  1. JAMES M ISADORE February 6, 2014 at 1:57 am #

    Hollywood producers used their most attractive young stars to lure a TV audience to the cheap to make vampire series. Mainly teens watched those programs for the popular actors and actresses; not for the show’s content. It was a fad that’s waning now but it gave advertisers an opportunity to reach the prized 16 to 30 year old market. But don’t listen to me because if I ever become a TV exec I’m bringing back “The Howdy Doody Show”.


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