So What’s New?

15 Feb


The Word of God–timeless and timely.

We go to church every Sunday. We hear the Scriptures over and over again. 

We are told, for example, that we are the “salt of the earth … a light shining in the darkness … a lamp giving light to all ….”

We’ve all heard this before—many, many times. And yet, we hear it again and again.


What’s new? Haven’t we milked this dry?

What’s new is you—and me, all of us—as we hear the Lord Jesus speaking to us today.

You are not the same today as you were last year—or even yesterday—nor are your loved ones, the people you work with, your neighbors and the world in which we live.

We grow, change our minds, progress and regress. We believe and have doubts. We caress and strike out, speak kindly and speak harshly.

At this very moment, God is calling us to a renewed, a refreshed awareness of his passionate love for us and his desire to speak to us in every moment and every experience of our lives.

God loves us! That truth is the tonic to cure the ills of boredom and apathy.

  • What is God saying to you right now—a word of encouragement or correction? Is it a call to a deeper knowledge of his holy will?

  • And what is the Lord Jesus saying to us, to his Church? Is it a call to deeper faith? To be sure, it is.

  • God’s call is to make our faith a living faith—a faith that will impact the darkness in our world: the plight of the homeless, the really poor, those with no faith, or those with weak faith.

This living faith will permeate the world with the light of hope and compassion. This living faith will shed light into local and national government, into the labor movement and all scientific disciplines.

For years, the popes and all the bishops, and indeed our own parish priests, have urged us to develop a deep, intimate relationship with Jesus Christ, our Lord and Savior.

Most recently, Pope Francis is urging all of us—clergy and laity alike—to rediscover the “Joy of the Gospel,” a joy that is the same as peace, a joy that is itself a magnificent light shining in the darkness.

So, what is this joy? Is it happiness? No, it is more than happiness. You can be happy over a good thing that happens.

Is it a spirit of gratitude? No, it is more than gratitude. You can be grateful for a gift—large or small.

  • Joy, like love, surpasses the limits of happiness and gratitude.

  • Joy is the light that shines in the darkness of your deepest hurt, your greatest need and your searing sadness.

How, then, do you acquire and nourish this joy?

You enter into the heart, mind and soul of Jesus Christ. You beseech the Father to make you one with him. You open yourself to the wisdom and indwelling of the Holy Spirit.

When you at last surrender to God, you become victorious. You live that divine joy—and you can say with all honesty and the deepest of fervor and desire, “Lord God! I am yours!”


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