The Audacity!

23 Feb

Dog Tags on Flag

Take  Back America!

What next? What other crazy government action might be in store for us? It seems we already have a surplus of government goof-ups.

But, this one takes the cake: The feds made a move toward invading the newsrooms of major media ostensibly to see how they operate, how they select news and decide what is newsworthy.

Apparently, this has been shelved (for the time being?). This idea is in direct violation of freedom of speech and the freedom of the press, both of which have kept America, so far, from the hands of would-be dictators.

Go figure. This is the same government that pushed through Obamacare without the bill being read by lawmakers. We can still hear Pelosi saying, “We have to pass it so we’ll know what’s in it.”

What’s in it? If I read correctly, here are three gems that should shock your socks off.

  • Carte blanche for the feds to go into your bank accounts, and even withdraw funds.
  • The government can access your health care records.
  • People 76 years of age and older are not treated for cancer unless it’s a previous condition.

The audacity!

I’m not playing politics when I say it is time to take back our country and subject our government to the will of the people.

One major obstacle to that desired goal is the American public: Apparently too many of our younger people are ignorant of our history and the glory and power of the Declaration of Independence and our Constitution.

To too large a degree, we’ve lost five critical elements to sustain a free society—responsibility for oneself, the importance of the ballot, a sense of community, concern for our neighbor, and, the courage to take a public stand against evil, even if you have to stand alone.

I am convinced that only one thing can save this nation—and that is a religious revival, a rediscovery of God and his wisdom expressed so freely in the Sacred Scriptures and the lived experience of his people.

When I read a certain Scripture, I can’t help but think of our once great nation, our nation that was a world leader instead of a foggy reflection of what it used to be. We can substitute the U.S. in place of Israel:

          But my people did not listen to my words;

                    Israel did not obey me.

          So I gave them over to their stubbornness of heart;

                    they followed their own designs.

          But even now if my people would listen,

                    if Israel would walk in my paths,

          In a moment I would subdue their foes,

                    against their enemies unleash my hand.

          Ps 81:12-15

We do not pray for the death of our enemies. We do pray for peace—and for conversion of heart for ourselves and all people.

How’s this for an action plan?

  • Renew our relationship with God and other believers;
  • Worship God with sincere hearts;
  • Embrace his Word in the Bible;
  • Steep ourselves in the graces offered through his Church;
  • Unleash our tongues in public praise of God and our witness of what he has done in our lives, and,
  • Tell Washington bureaucrats, of whatever party, office or function, that we are taking our country back.

What do you think?


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