Go Ghezzi!

6 Apr

Bert Ghezzi is no stranger to readers of Catholic literature. His books, more than 20 of them, date from his younger days. None has ever disappointed.

His latest, “The Heart of Catholicism,” invites the reader to look deeply into the heart of Christ to discover the heart of the Catholic faith (Ave Maria Press, ppr. 175 pgs, $14.95).

Endorsed by several people including bishops and laity, the book has five very readable sections–“Being Catholic,” “Receiving Daily Graces,” “Opening to God,” “Making Daily Changes,” and “Reaching Beyond Ourselves.”

He writes with authority because he relies on the authority of God as revealed in Scripture and in the Church; he also writes from a vast experience of learning and teaching.

Ghezzi acknowledges the areas of agreement we have with other Christians. But, he writes, “we diverge in many other ways. Among the differences that separate us from other Christians, perhaps the most significant is the teaching about the Church itself. We believe that the Catholic Church is the direct descendant of that visible society that Jesus founded and handed over to Peter and the apostles to care for, propagate and govern.

In the chapter, “Worshipping at Mass,” Bert Ghezzi offers “seven ways to participate actively in the Mass” (pp. 46-49). This section will be very helpful to many readers who wonder about the benefits of Sunday worship.

In Chapter 15, “Making Friends for Christ and the Church,” we find short stories of how some Catholics utilize their natural talents and faith in reaching others through kindness and compassion.

Each chapter ends with very practical and helpful information: “Comprehension and Discussion Questions,” Choose an Action,” and “For Further Study” which includes digital resources.

This is a must read for people beginning their quest for an intimate relationship with Christ and the Church. It is a must read for anyone who has grown too comfortable in what I often refer to as “faith-as-usual.”

“The Heart of Catholicism” will be helpful for other Christians who want to know and understand what makes Catholics tick.

Finally, this book should be made available to all parishioners who want to promote faith in Christ in the Catholic Church.



One Response to “Go Ghezzi!”

  1. bertghezzi April 7, 2014 at 10:21 am #

    Thanks, Henry, for the encouraging review ew!


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