What About the Will?

8 Jun


Trying the discover what makes you tick?

 I am aware of three things that enable me to live as a rational being:  intellect, memory and will…

These three powers of mind and soul enable me to seek and understand truth, to recall the past and imagine the future and to decide what to do with what I know and understand–and to do so while foreseeing (imagining) possible ramifications for my decisions.

Your intellect and imagination are constantly bombarded with information, sales pitches, and invitations to this or that powerful lifestyle and to this or that gimmick which will really make you happy and popular.

Consider the stimuli we encounter every day–movies, Facebook,  iPads and smart phones. We can even imagine being up at bat in the major leagues or making the winning touchdown at the Super Bowl.

For those blessed with deep faith, the intellect thirsts for God’s Word and will. The faithful one can even imagine, with God’s grace, being in the heart of God and reliving the ancient Scriptures in the present moment.

But, what about the will–that gift and power which enables us to make decisions and act upon them?

Your decisions in life depend on what you invite into your mind and your openness to possible ramifications for this or that decision. Right decisions–those that will give you peace of mind and happiness–depend on your willingness to seek all truth and the strength to decide for truth.

Your properly informed will enables you to decide for truth and it enables you to love purely and without compromise.

For, you see, love is a decision–the decision to do what’s right for the beloved.

We often pray, “Thy will be done.” What comes to mind? What is God’s will? How do we seek his will? How understand his will?

Unless we understand God’s will, we can never understand our own mind or imagine what true freedom and love are like and we can never make mature and good decisions.

When you say, “God, your will be done,” are you only asking that you accept and obey his commandments? Yes, that’s part of it. But there is more.

Go back to the Garden of Eden, before the sin of our first parents. Go back and see the splendor, peace, beauty and comfort of a world without sin, suffering, violence and family miseries.

Go back to the time when God walked with man and woman in the cool of the evening, to the time when Adam and Eve were comfortable in God’s presence.

That is God’s will manifested in the way he wanted us and the entire world to be–at peace with him and everyone else, loving him and everyone else, walking with him in the cool of the evening.

Jesus came to bring us back to the Father, to remind us of who we are supposed to be and how to become once more the kind of people the Father longs for us to be.

Yes, Lord, your will be done!







One Response to “What About the Will?”

  1. bertghezzi June 8, 2014 at 12:56 pm #

    Good word!

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