Part 2: Merry Christmas!

12 Nov


Part One was posted Nov. 11, 2014

As the old man says, “It’s where the rubber meets the road.”

The gift of Jesus Christ as our Savior challenges us to live what we say we believe.

It isn’t enough to accept Jesus Christ intellectually or emotionally.

Conversion is Challenge No. 1.

 Without conversion there is no real acceptance of Jesus Christ.

Just what does it mean to be converted to Jesus Christ?

  • Your life changes; you focus on the Lord, thirst for his truth, pray for total conversion, which by the way, is a lifelong effort.
  • You measure all statements and events in the light of Holy Scripture and the authentic teachings of the Church. Truth sheds a light that reveals things as they really are. In faith you will see the extremes of capitalism (it’s all about profit) and of socialism, which would deny private ownership of property and the opportunity to become financially independent. Faith reveals the fallacy of the ill-advised push for same sex-marriages, the totally unacceptable co-habitation of men and women outside of marriage. Faith also will shed divine light on the “political” problems among nations, revealing the moral dimension of those events in our world.
  • Conversion makes you an eager participant in righting the wrongs in society: the oppression of the weak and minorities, the lie that a strong economy alone will make our nation what it should and can be. You will be willing to stand up for justice and other moral values in the midst of public ridicule—and to declare your faith before an increasingly pagan values system in our nation and world.
  • Conversion, continually fortified by God’s Word and the Sacraments of the Church, will help you become that proverbial “city on a mountain” that cannot be hidden (See Mt 5:14-16). You will be able to explain why you believe in Jesus Christ and live in the warmth and strength of his Church.

Courage is Challenge No. 2

We might well be prepared for the future hinted at by current politics and government interference with religious freedom.

One example?

The government is demanding copies of sermons by certain pastors who preach the truth regarding the government’s unconstitutional foray into both freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Still another?

Obamacare fights Catholic institutions which refuse to carry abortion coverage in their health package for employees.

Could you not add other challenges to our faith and our Church? Consider how often we are told we can’t speak of God in schools or public meetings; however, it seems the irreligious and anti-religious can spew their disbelief anywhere and anytime with the government’s blessing.

If you can turn your back on these challenges, you may want to ask yourself: Have I really become converted to Christ and his Church?


3 Responses to “Part 2: Merry Christmas!”

  1. canatc1 November 13, 2014 at 2:26 am #

    And here again you are speaking for a church which in my opinion does not practice what it preaches. How the church profess to follow Christ’s teachings but refuse to welcome sinners as Christ did?

    • Henry Libersat November 13, 2014 at 1:50 pm #

      I realize many people have felt offended by the people in the Church–some offended or hurt by priests, religious and even bishops. But a particular case or two, or three thousand, can in no way condemn the entire Church. And, no matter how much it hurts, as disciples of Christ, we must forgive–the Lord’s prayer, as well as the teachings of Jesus, make it abundantly clear. A priest once offended me and lied to me about a very serious matter. Sadly, I must confess that I harbored ill will and a vengeful spirit toward that man for more than eight years. I even told others of what he had done to me. When I finally confessed my own guilt in this matter and forgave him, I was no longer angry or vengeful. Now I pray for that man with love. The fact that the Church accepts you and me is proof that the Church accepts sinners.

  2. Larry Scotchie Sr. November 13, 2014 at 3:14 am #

    Good one, Henry!

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