A Child Deserves Better

18 Dec


A thirty-something single woman has decided to make a difference in the lives of needy children.

She has become a foster mother—and in her own family of parents, siblings and grandparents, the children are smothered with love.

As I understand it, she’s had a series of what might be called “short stays,” little ones whose foster parents need a break or whose mothers, for whatever reason, cannot care for them for whatever reason.

The kids are a delight—particularly the little ones who are crawling or beginning to walk. They receive hugs, kisses and cuddly spells in a rocking chair. Their responses are bright smiles, returned hugs and peaceful sleep.

One little boy, about six, has a great ear-to-ear grin—even with his two front teeth missing.  He has problems in school and acts, at times, like unleashed energy. He finds it difficult to take directions. Everything is a game that he wants to play by his own rules.

Apparently his mother is unable to care for him. He craves to be hugged and loved.

All these little ones, but especially our little rebel, deserve better than what life has so far given them.

Please God, bless them, their real parents and their foster parents.

I can hear the echo of the angel, “A child is born.” Every birth of every child is precious, a treasure.


One Response to “A Child Deserves Better”

  1. Maggie R December 18, 2014 at 5:28 am #

    Amen. If we can help, please let me know, Henry.

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