11 Feb

Sorry folks! Cruise Retreat 14 will not be on an aircraft carrier as depicted in my previous blog.

Old eyes!

And our ship will not take us to the Mid East waters. This photo was sent by our grand daughter, Krystal, who is helping to defend our country and all of us.

Thanks to author, patriot  and good friend Chuck Dowling for pointing out the mistake to me.

Deacon Henry


One Response to “OOPS!”

  1. Mark Nehrbas February 11, 2015 at 7:39 pm #

    Haha! I thought it was odd you included that picture! I know many of us thought we were getting on the Love Boat when we became Christian. It all felt so good in the first love stage. Then as we walked with the Lord for awhile some of the coverings came off the equipment and we notice there were turrets and guns and we found out we were really lured into a battle–a spiritual battle of course, but a battle non-the-less. So we could go with you on the battleship and you could give a week’s teaching on Spiritual Warfare and I bet you’d do a great job! God bless ya, brother! -Mark

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