Commercials: Ugh!

19 Feb

For Blog 011

When you fast, put on a happy face!

Here are some disgruntled observations about TV commercials.

  • You see these memorial crosses on the side of city streets and freeways. They are there to say that a loved one died in a car accident—and perhaps as a reminder that driving a car can be fatal. Yet, auto dealers show their cars speeding, spinning, leaping and sliding. I think this is irresponsible.
  • Then, there are these soap opera commercials that run and run and run. At times, unless you mute them and take a bathroom break, you can almost forget the show you were supposed to be watching.
  • Don’t forget about those spots (all too long) that want you to call in to purchase almost anything. You know, “but wait” you get double the order “free.” I called in once and I’ll never do it again. I couldn’t talk to a real person. The automated message kept on talking and trying to sell me a bunch of stuff I’d never want. What’s happened to person to person, eyeball to eyeball shopping?
  • Oh, yes—and don’t forget the lead-ins to the “real message” about the product. Some of these have nothing to do with the product. They serve merely as attention getters. I’ve stopped watching these also.

Maybe it comes with age (wisdom, boredom, clogged arteries?) but it takes much more that cutesy ideas to capture my interest.

(NOTE: During Lent, I will not be posting as many blogs–time to recollect, refresh, renew and recommit.)


One Response to “Commercials: Ugh!”

  1. canatc1 March 13, 2015 at 3:14 am #

    Don’t forget radio’s b
    “breaking News” up to a week after it happened. Aargh!

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