Fighting (?) Anger

25 Feb



There is a difference between the Passion of Christ and the passions to which we too often surrender–for example, anger.

“Henry, tell us what you really think!”

I’ve heard that gentle barb many times in my life, especially since I’ve become engaged in, and enthralled with, our Catholic faith.

It seems that people think I speak too quickly and too frankly, and sometimes too heatedly.

And, I do.

My name invokes the patronage of three saints: Henry, Pierre (Peter) and Joseph.

I’m not a king or a saint like Henry—and not a quiet and forever-gentle man like Joseph.

 But, alas, I am so very much like the impetuous, vacillating Peter. Sometimes, as the old saying goes, my mouth is in motion before my brain is in gear. In other words, I know what needs to be said (at least according to my great and innate wisdom), but I don’t always think about how to say what needs to be said.

I have little patience when others are dancing around a problem that needs to be discussed. For example, let’s say a group of us are discussing strained relationships in the parish. Then, someone gives a dismissive shrug of the shoulder, accompanied by, “Oh, well, it is what it is.”

GRRR! (Oops!)

All that being said, this is my focus for Lent: I will work on putting my brain in full gear before I even think about opening my mouth.

This is an effort to overcome anger. Please, dear Jesus, help me.



5 Responses to “Fighting (?) Anger”

  1. Maggie Ramshaw February 25, 2015 at 11:28 am #

    Please do not confuse others’ dismissal of the points you make as angry. It is Ok and also mandatory to stand up for the Lord and the truth when others want to make the faith a cake walk. You have to stand for those things that make the faith what He said it is and not what the polls say it is. Please do not stop fighting for the faith and for Christ Himself. Apathy and lukewarm faith disgusts the Lord; He said so Himself.

  2. canatc1 February 25, 2015 at 1:51 pm #

    I just had a thought albeit lonely, you wrote a book which I have read called “confidently catholic” ,if I am, does that not dictate that I Must call out the wrongs I see in my church? And if I do will I be muzzled by the Pharisees in our midst? Think about it, only a prophet can talk about the churches transgressions because he inside the church. Of course they were all killed by the church eventually.

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  3. jeancanatc1 February 25, 2015 at 2:14 pm #

    My name is a derivative of John (as is Joan). I shudder at the thought of how they met their ends and yet I cannot remain silent. I think I am more afraid of being lukewarm when it comes to the Church’s Option for the Poor (the outsider) than the consequences of speaking out about injustices. I will try hard during Lent to not curb my tongue but to more carefully craft my words. Enlighten me, O Lord.

  4. marge kotkiewicz February 26, 2015 at 3:50 pm #

    I share this attribute with you. Diplomacy is not my strong suit.

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