An Allegory

20 Jun

The Cross of Christ calling multitudes to salvation, calling you and me, calling our family. Givng us identity, continuity. Letting us help God in making and remaking sociiety into an image of his Kingdom.

Once there was a young man name Pete.

One day, he discovered Truth. Pete thought about Truth and embraced it. He was thrilled with Truth.

Other believers in Truth gathered in assemblies they called Communities of Believers in Truth. Pete considered himself a member of a Community of Believers in Truth.

He looked at his fellow believers and the leaders of each community. Then he cast his gaze on the Leader of the leaders of communities.

He discovered sin and foolishness in each believer and in the entire Assembly of Believers.

“I must,” decided Pete, “straighten out this mess.” He knew he had a few faults himself. So, he decided to purify his faith in Truth. He thought, “I desire to be perfect, therefore I am perfect.”

“But how can I straighten out all this mess?” he asked himself. “I have to reach everybody in each of the communities in the entire Assembly.”

Now, all believers in Truth gathered together once a week in the Meeting Place, with their leaders and the Leader of the leaders.

Pete decided, “I will shout out the errors of their ways and their sins against Truth. I will make them aware of their selfishness and myopic vision. They seem to think themselves special. They shun others who want to know Truth. They are self-absorbed.”

So, that’s what Pete did. He mounted the steps of the Meeting Place and began to shout aloud the sins of others. He attacked the leaders of the various communities: “You are too interested in building monuments to yourselves.” He charged the Leader, and everyone in the Assembly, with “ignoring the plight of the poor,” or he accused them of “living in a vacuum of nothingness.” He shouted, “You do not know Truth.”

And so, Pete went on year after year. He suffered great anguish because no one listened to him.

One day, Pete descended from the steps of the Meeting Place one last time. Totally discouraged, he went off into a Dark Place to nourish his wounded spirit.

“Did I not embrace Truth. Did I not heroically shout out to everyone what was wrong with the Assembly of Communities and the people and leaders in each community? Why did not someone believe me?”

It was then that Pete once again encountered Truth. But this time, it wasn’t thrilling at all.

Truth helped Pete see himself as Truth saw him. He groaned with inner agony, with total embarrassment, with a guilt so heavy he thought he might collapse.

You see, Pete now knew that he was part of the problems he so vigorously condemned. He was a sinner like everyone else.

Then Truth showed Pete the great Love that is Truth. Pete’s spirit lifted with a warm and energizing elation.

Pete went back to the Meeting Place and went inside. He stood shoulder to shoulder with the other believers.

Pete, at last, had discovered Truth.




One Response to “An Allegory”

  1. Tricia June 25, 2015 at 3:22 pm #

    Thank you so very much for sharing your insights!

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