Exodus 2016

21 Jan


I remember that great scene from “The Bible” in which Moses (Charleston Heston) led God’s people through the Red Sea with water standing in walls to the right and left. He and all the Israelites crossed on dry land.

Once everyone had crossed over safely and Pharaoh’s army was in pursuit, the Lord had Moses stretch his hand and staff over the sea and the waters poured down destroying the enemy.

Of course, the Exodus is more than a dramatic event from the long distant past.

God is offering us our own Exodus today, in 2016.

From what or whom do we need to be delivered? Some suggestions:

  • The widespread “domestication” of God; making God in one’s own image—God becoming a quasi-reality of little or no importance; denial of the reality of sin and a cold shoulder to God’s wonderful mercy and forgiveness; the prideful sense of total independence from God and Church.
  • Deep-rooted materialism which leads us to focus on ourselves and to confuse “wants” with “needs.”
  • The not-so-subtle efforts in government and mass media to shackle faith within the walls of home and church; the obvious effort to silence believers while allowing unbelievers full voice to push their “non-God” rhetoric.
  • The growing moral corruption in society that (a) embraces lying as acceptable, even clever, to achieve one’s own will, and (b) confuses capitalism with amassing wealth as an end in itself.
  • Denial of marriage as a God-given and lifelong union of a man and a woman who become one flesh for the growth of their love for each other—and for the procreation of children.
  • Hedonism which transforms sex into a plaything for adults still too immature to recognize both its dignity and purpose.
  • The cancerous growth of a certain cocoon-like faith that isolates each believer from the whole Body of Christ.
  • Indifference toward the Lord’s call to live the Gospel and to share it with all the people in one’s life.

These factors are clear signs of three things: first, a certain denial of God and a disdain for people of faith; second, a shallow level of belief fostered by inadequate religious instruction, broken homes and/or ineffective preaching and weak religious formation—notably in the home; a spiritual narcissism which locks faith communities into self-satisfaction over what great things they are now doing.

So, what does all this mean? How do we achieve Exodus 2016?

More on January 27.


One Response to “Exodus 2016”

  1. bertghezzi January 22, 2016 at 1:55 am #

    One of your best–good concept Your brother, Bert

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