His Crucified Hands

25 Feb



His name is Peter.

His story is true.

In his own words, Peter recounts his prayerful experience.


I was seated in church after receiving the Eucharist.

The priest had said, “Sit quietly for a few minutes. In your imagination go to your favorite place of prayer and invite Jesus to come to you.”

At that time I had a small prayer room in my home. The Bible was enthroned below a large crucifix. So, I imagined myself in my little “chapel” and invited Jesus to come to me.

I pictured him leaning into the room giving me a big smile.

So, I asked him to sit next to me. He did. I leaned my head on his chest. It was such a great moment. It seemed so real.

I was so moved I wanted to surrender completely to Jesus.

I said to him, “Oh Jesus, I love you. I surrender myself to you. I give you my heart, soul and body. I surrender everything to you—my family, my job, my finances and everything I own. Everything, Jesus, is yours.”

All was quiet for a moment.

Then Jesus said, “That is wonderful. I love you. I accept your sacrifice.”

Then Jesus cupped his crucified hands before me and said, “One thing is lacking, Peter. I want you to give me your sins.”

I shrunk away in shame. I told Jesus, “I can’t do that Lord. You are so holy. My sins are dark and ugly.”

Jesus said again, “Peter, give me your sins,”

“No, Lord, I can’t do that.”

Then firmly, Jesus insisted, “Give me your sins.”

So, I named them, one by one as I placed them into his cupped, crucified hands.

I was weeping as I finished this terrible task.

But then, blood welled up from the wounds in his hands and covered all my sins.”

Jesus said, “Peter, that’s who you are—a sinner covered with my blood.”


One Response to “His Crucified Hands”

  1. bertghezzi February 25, 2016 at 11:10 am #

    Seems very personal–very inspiriing Bert

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