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Costly Surrender to Trivia

16 Aug




When reality is clouded, it’s easy to miss life’s goodness.

I was recently provoked to thought by Crisis Magazine which published James Day’s article, “The Vanishing United States.”[i]

Day states that prior to the Civil War, we spoke of a union of independent states, e.g., “the United States are.” Following the war, it was “the United States is”…. we became us (emphasis mine.)

I began to think about the changes in our experience and understanding of what it means to be human, a family and a nation.

Perhaps many people  never think of themselves as members of a gigantic “human family.” Individualism has become an agent of separation. Personal “fulfillment” and happiness too often are pursued with tunnel vision—with little awareness of how one’s choices affect others. Perhaps we have lost our historic sense of individuals in step with family and the rest of society.

Self-centered use of iPhones, and other modern communications tools, can weaken rather than strengthen families and social progress. The various challenging games can be addictive.

Even children, as young as two years of age, are captivated by the various attractions on those little screens. I’m concerned because children are deeply influenced in the first seven years of their lives.

Could it be that modern folks are afraid of two things: silence and serious communication—perhaps, the latter, for fear of disagreement, having to change one’s mind, or failing to be political correct?

We have serious business at hand—to reunite families, and society as a whole, in the task of rebuilding our national conscience and spirit.

Now, back to my Solitaire game.


[i] Crisis Magazine, online, July 5, 2016