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Why Did He Die?

28 Oct


We Christians believe that Jesus—son of God and son of Mary—died to save us, to reunite us with the Father’s saving mercy.

The sin of Adam and Eve cut off human nature from that precious and intimate union with God.

No right-thinking person takes for granted God’s gift of faith which evokes unending gratitude and worship.

We are content to say something like “I love you Lord for you have saved me.”

However, it is easy to confuse gratitude with love. A parent gives the child a nice gift. The child responds, “I love you for that.”

In other words, “Mommy or Daddy, I ‘love’ you as long as you give me what I want.”

The reality is, as declared in the official prayers of the Church, “Christ died for us to make of us an offering to God.”

Recall that in baptism we are made one with our Savior; our union with Jesus is so intimate that we can say in all truth: “We are the Body of Christ. In him we are daughters and sons of the Father; we share the divine life of God.”

The depth of this great life in God is fulfilled only when we have, in Christ, made ourselves an offering to God. We die to self for the sake of the Cross, for the love of God and neighbor. We die to the deadly urge to hate our enemies. We die to the instinct of retaliation in our daily lives—in our families, parishes and work place.

This is not easy. But it is part of what we do to make ourselves an offering to God and to share in Christ’s victorious Cross.