Archive | November, 2016

Thanks, Lord…But Please…

21 Nov

…Make Me a True Disciple:

  • Help me to appreciate the true blessings in my life—family, friends and your unconditional love. Give me true peace in my heart—make my belief in you real and my hope in you unfailing.
  •  Let your face shine upon me—help me to know you and trust you so much that my heart never breaks and my hope never falters.
  •  Let your Word and your Sacraments transform me into a true disciple in whom your image is ever humbly present—to my family, fellow parishioners and everyone I meet; and please, never let me know how much you show forth in my life. I am prone to pride, the destroyer of faith and love.

…Help Our Family Grow in Faith and Love:

  • Save us from incessant, sense-numbing noise and constant, blaring invitations to triviality—and help us find comfort and joy in your eternal invitation: “Be still and know that I am God” (Ps 46:11a).
  • Help all parents to be more confident in discussing you and your love with their children and neighbors.
  • Give us the grace and will to have at least one family meal each day—where we show concern and interest in one another and remember that you are at table with us.
  • Let all parents recognize that the family table is a reminder of the parish altar where all God’s family shares the most precious meal of all: the feast of his Word and the Eucharist.

…Transform Our Nation and World:

  •  Give us, your daughters and sons, the strength, courage and grace: 1) to live your Word in the family, at work, in parish life and as citizens of our nation and world; 2) to love those we consider enemies in our daily and national life; and 3) to pray for peace and solidarity among all Americans and all peoples of the world.
  • Help us to take care of those who need us—here at home and throughout the world.
  • May we be the backbone of faith in our nation and world—your faithful disciples whose trust in you becomes more appealing than all worldly substitutes for joy and peace in life.
  • Help all believers to band together in prayer and service making your Gospel truly believable in every part of the world.