What’s Missing in D.C.?

5 Feb

The battle in Washington between the Democrats and Republicans is way beyond ridiculous.

I’ve given some thought to the antagonism and bullying going on and I’ve reached a conclusion.

What’s missing in our national “leaders” is innocence and integrity.
Integrity is not mere honesty. Integrity is the pristine expression of innocence.

Innocence is that marvelous virtue that finds permanent root in total surrender to God.

After all, God knows more than we do about everything.


One Response to “What’s Missing in D.C.?”

  1. JOHN CRAWFORD February 7, 2017 at 2:31 am #

    2/6/17 St. Paul Miki & Companions Hi, Deacon Henry! Marian (Grove) Crawford here. As of tomorrow, I will no longer have this email address. I want to continue receiving your blog, so I am going to give you the new one. It is: mtcrawford12@gmail.com. Thank you and God bless you and Peggy!!! Love you lots!!!

    In the Father’s Tender Love, Marian Crawford

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