The Ultimate Imprisonment

27 Feb

Many years ago, as a lay minister, I regularly visited a Florida prison. I can still see the pain and longing in the eyes of the prisoners there.

Each time as I left the prison, I would look back through the bars and wire. Their anguish was more pronounced. I was free to go. They were not.

This is not to excuse them of their crimes. It is to draw attention to the basic yearning in each and every one of us: that innate desire to be free, to live without pain or regret, to be accepted and loved.

We are all “imprisoned,” in the sense that we yearn for something beyond ourselves. We look here and there and try this or that—to no avail.

To put it simply, we yearn for the highest level of “who I am.” We yearn for the source of life itself. We detest death and want to live forever.

Whether we realize it or not, we yearn for God.

God is eternal.

We are trapped in time.




One Response to “The Ultimate Imprisonment”

  1. Mike February 27, 2017 at 2:40 pm #

    I am so grateful that you continue to write. You give me many points to ponder. It is refreshing for me to sit quietly and prayerfully ponder for a few moments before I begin my day. However sometimes my ponder turns to slumber.
    God bless you my dear brother,

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