Give Yourself a Great Gift

27 Mar


It came in the mail—a gift from a good friend from Cajun days back in Louisiana.

Father David Knight sent me a copy of his recently published “The Mystery of the Cross, Praying the Stations with Pope Francis.”

This is a thought-provoking, challenging way to make Lent, and any time of year, an occasion for contemplation of the great love of God. You can’t pray these reflections without discovering how special you are to God.

A man of vast experience, Father Knight has preached parish missions, directed retreats, ministered to college students and faculty—and now he is helping his readers develop greater comfort as they are called to ever deeper prayer and the gift of contemplation.

In “The Mystery of the Cross,” we find ordered reflections on the Stations complete with quotes from Pope Francis and brief, but enlightening, content to be shared alone or with others.

Give yourself a great gift—not only for the annual Lenten season—but any time you want a spiritual boost. Order this devotional from Twenty-Third Publications: 1-800-321-0411.



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