Part 2: Why Choose Virtue

14 Apr


(We have looked at Human Virtues and Moral Virtues. In this session, we will embrace those virtues which place us in intimate communion with God—the Theological Virtues.)

You want to live a happy and stable life. The foundation for such a life is to live in an intimate communion with God—to be one with God, in God and for God.

The Theological Virtues—Faith, Hope and Love (Charity)—are the foundation of such a life. These virtues animate life and all its activities and give it its special character.

The gift of Faith gives us belief in God and all that he has said and revealed to us. Faith also enables us to embrace the authentic teachings of our Church. Here, faith does not mean merely to believe in God. It means a relationship in which we commit our life, our very existence, to God—as Jesus did in his life and death.

Hope fires in us a deep desire for the kingdom of heaven and eternal life as our happiness. We place our entire trust in the promises of Christ and rely on the grace of the Holy Spirit.

If we become a people of hope, a Church of hope, we will change to world.

Love (or charity) is a challenge. It means to love God and others no matter what—as Jesus did. The challenge is that love demands total surrender to God.

We must love God above all else for his sake—and our neighbors as ourselves. Jesus makes love the new commandment.

People of love receive courage, insight and strength from God. Such love cannot be achieved, nor can it endure, without the discipline of prayer, study and frequent participation in the Mass and reception of the Sacraments.

Again, I heartily recommend Matthew Kelly’s excellent book, “Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic.” It has inspired much of these last two sessions with you.

Hear God, embrace God, do God’s will and live a virtuous life.





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