To Write or Not

10 May

There is perhaps nothing more humbling for a writer than to read C. S. Lewis. A dear friend gave me a copy of Lewis’ “The Great Divorce.” I couldn’t put it down.

He has such a command of the language equaled only by an enviable imagination.

I told my friend, “I may never write again.”

But, how can I not write?

The passion is irresistible. The topics are numerous. They rather easily come to mind.

So, for me, it is not really a question of whether to write. Rather, in the interest of the common good, there are the questions of what to write and when to write.

Perhaps you have a passion for baking or golf or mathematics or history or politics.

We’ve only to be sure that the passions that fill our minds and hearts are sparked by and dedicated to that one Passion suffered so many years ago—the Passion of the Christ and his Cross.





2 Responses to “To Write or Not”

  1. Jeanne Diener-Stark May 11, 2017 at 1:54 pm #

    Sometimes you have to tell the truth dear Deacon Henry . So write and tell the truth and quit being so scrupulous.

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