Confusion of Conscience

15 May



 I imagine this old woman, kneeling before the statue of the Sacred Heart, over and over again striking her breast. I can almost hear her tortured prayer, “Forgive me, O God, all my sins throughout all my life. I am such a terrible sinner.”

Is she an especially holy person, one who truly sees the horror and the wages of sin—or is she merely a tortured soul whose painful conscience is the fruit of confusion or, maybe, pride?

Confusion? Pride?

Confusion: Perhaps this poor woman has never understood that a sin once forgiven is just that—forgiven. It exists only in the memory of the sinner, and Satan can torture even the forgiven person if she or he will not “let go” of the sin.

Pride: Oh how subtle is the sin of pride. Perhaps our dear sister is trapped in the sin of believing her guilt is beyond God’s power or desire to forgive. How treacherous is the devil, and how subtle his evil, to haunt and depress God’s children!

There is another way in which Satan can confuse one’s conscience—the sin of presumption. A person can become so confident of God’s mercy that he or she just goes along sinning and sinning, always relying on God’s merciful love, and never owning the duty to live responsibly and to grow in holiness—to say nothing about loving and being grateful to God.

So, what about that imaginary old woman I was thinking about?

I would do better to think about myself, about my own relationship with God.

Do I have a confused conscience?

Do I fret over sins already forgiven?

Am I taking God’s love for granted?

Do I really want to love and please God?

God deserves my love and to be pleased by me.





2 Responses to “Confusion of Conscience”

  1. chuckdowlingblog May 17, 2017 at 11:36 am #

    Hi Henry. I enjoy your deliberations. You are a very spiritual person.
    I do take issue however with your idea that pride is a sin or vice. I actually consider pride a virtue. It is pride that allows us to maximize our capabilities. It is pride, along with prayer, that allows us to fight sin. It is often pride that allows us to reach out to help others.. In other words, how can I let those people suffer?
    Perhaps A modifier is necessary. INORDINATE pride is the problem, not simple pride. But then doing almost anything to excess is probably sinful.

    • Henry Libersat May 23, 2017 at 2:07 am #

      I tend to disagree. Pride, of course, can be acceptable–be proud of a child who does well, or for a winning team. But pride is dangerous. it can be so subtle that you may come to accept it as, you said it, virtue.

      I appreciate your input and your friendship. Love to all,


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