Beige Catholics–Oh, No!

29 Jun

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(Adapted from an earlier blog.)

Mother Teresa, canonized in 2016, had the moral conviction and strength to do what Jesus asked her to do. She struggled with darkness of soul. She rarely felt the joy of the presence of God. Yet, she persevered.

I’m afraid I’ve become what Bishop Barron calls a “Beige Catholic”—or a “Comfortable Catholic,” as someone else suggested.

Jesus called it “luke warm” faith.

In other words, my tendency is to seek the comfort of fellow believers, to cozy up to the Jesus of mercy and, all too often, to turn away from his demand that I take up my cross and follow him.

Yet, at eighty-three years of age, nagging questions give me no rest.

Have I done all I can do to bring the light of Christ into my world?

Am I afraid of the possible cost of true discipleship?

And, how do I respond as society drifts farther from the Gospel?

Do I only sit and fume over same-sex “marriages” and bathrooms?

When it comes to cohabitation, even among Christians, do I manage more than a disapproving frown?

Politicians promise even more discord and desperation in our nation. Do I do more than fuss and fume?

With the best of all moaners, I can bemoan the exodus of so many Catholics—young and old—from the Church our Lord Jesus founded. Why can’t I do something about those in my family who have done so? Have I even tried?

I pray, write and preach. But what do I DO about it?

Father Charles Pope, Archdiocese of Washington, noted that in the first three centuries, there were thirty-three popes, thirty were martyred and two died in exile. They gave their lives.

In a reflection on Scripture, America magazine reminds me that Jesus is asking for my life. He wants me to take up the cross of true faith, the saving message of the Gospel and accept the light of the Holy Spirit. Jesus begs me to give myself entirely to his mission of salvation of all people.

Considering the growing persecution of Christians (note the slaughter of the faithful Coptics) the cost of true discipleship may well become more evident. But the cost pales in the face of God’s love for us.

No cost is too much if we, as did Mother Teresa, love him and everyone for whom he died.





One Response to “Beige Catholics–Oh, No!”

  1. Jeanne Diener-Stark June 30, 2017 at 11:01 am #

    Same sex marriages are civil unions.

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