Deacon Henry Libersat and his latest book, “Catholic and Confident,” has been featured on a number of SiriusXM radio programs, among them: “Catholics Next Door,” “The Bishop’s Hour” from Sacramento, “Catholic Connection,”  “The Busted Halo” and EWTN Radio. He was also interviewed by “On Call” on Relevant Radio and on “Live Hour,” program for the Archdiocese of Mobile. .

Deacon Henry has addressed many groups and conferences, large and small, including lay and deacons conferences. He has preached parish missions in various parishes throughout the U.S and has made faith-sharing trips to Dominican Republic, Ireland, Peru and Brazil.


Contact Information:

Deacon Henry Libersat
380 Golf Brook Circle, No. 108
Longwood FL 32779
(H) 407-571-9500 (C) 407-461-4334



For speaking events he requires travel expenses, a place to offer his new book, “Confident and Catholic,” and two persons to handle sales. The parish or organization should order the books on consignment and benefit from the profits of the sales. (More information in personal contact.)

Honorarium at your discretion.


One Response to “Speaking”

  1. Greg Elder June 27, 2014 at 5:11 pm #

    Hi Henry!!!
    Great website!!!
    C U in church!!!

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